Streamer: White-Ra

Name: Aleksey Krupnyk

ID: White-Ra

Team: Tt Esports

Race: Protoss

Stream: whitera

About: White-Ra is one of the most loved StarCraft II streamers. He is a professional Brood War and SCII player, very well known for his “Special Tactics”. He comments his games while streaming, giving players advice, explaining hisΒ strategies and showing his unique special tactics. His games are very fun to watch, even for non-protoss players.

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StarCraft Master – Round 22 – Bane Vs. Bane

StarCraft Master – Round 22 – Bane Vs. BaneMake two groups. One with all the units and one with the zerglings only.

When the challenge begins, attack with group 1 (all the units). Right when you see that the computer is bringing all his units, run away with group 2 (zerglings). You’ll kill most of his units and it’s gonna be a lot easier to micro.

You might have to target one or two surviving banelings with a couple of speedlings though.