StarCraft Masters done. Finally!

I’m done posting all StarCraft Master videos. Finally!

For some reason, the program I use to record the videos was making the game lag on the last challenge, which is the one that requires most micro. So, it took me so f***ing long to record that one!

Anyway, you’re going to find how to beat every challenge on the StarCraft Master section, or here, down below:

StarCraft Master – Round 22 – Bane Vs. Bane

StarCraft Master – Round 22 – Bane Vs. BaneMake two groups. One with all the units and one with the zerglings only.

When the challenge begins, attack with group 1 (all the units). Right when you see that the computer is bringing all his units, run away with group 2 (zerglings). You’ll kill most of his units and it’s gonna be a lot easier to micro.

You might have to target one or two surviving banelings with a couple of speedlings though.