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Streamer: ForGG (Fin)

Streamer: ForGG (Fin)

Name: Park “Fin “Ji Soo ID: oGsForGG Team: oGs – Old Generations Race: Terran Stream: ogsforgg About: ForGG is a former StarCraft Brood War player, who now plays StarCraft II under the ID Fin. During his Brood War career, he played for Lecaf Oz and KT Rolster, and was a […]
Skyrim: The Legend Of Red Eagle (Last Part)

Skyrim: The Legend Of Red Eagle (Last Part)

Difficulty: Master Last part of the quest: The Legend of Red Eagle. You have to kill Red Eagle, which shouldn’t be too hard.
Skyrim: Killing Warlord Gathrik
Skyrim: Killing Volsung
Skyrim: Killing Dwarven Centurion Master And Obtaining Grimsever
Skyrim: Defeating Otar The Mad
Skyrim: Defeating Hevnoraak
Skyrim: Azura’s Star (Entering The Star)

Skyrim: Azura’s Star (Entering The Star)

Difficulty: Master Entering the star and getting some fresh Daedra Hearts. Gotta make myself some of that Daedric Gear crap =)
Skyrim: Destruction/Restoration Mage – Ancient Dragon
Skyrim: Slaying A Frost Dragon

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