Streamer: ForGG (Fin)

Name: Park FinJi Soo

ID: oGsForGG

Team: oGs – Old Generations

Race: Terran

Stream: ogsforgg

About: ForGG is a former StarCraft Brood War player, who now plays StarCraft II under the ID Fin. During his Brood War career, he played for Lecaf Oz and KT Rolster, and was a very recognized Terran player. After retiring from BW, he made it into GSL November Code A, where he devastated his opponents, gaining a spot in code S for the next season.

Fin is an amazing player, ranked GrandMaster on the Korean server. He managed to bring his style with him from BW, making his play very strong in the SC2 environment. Tune in his stream and learn a lot from this experienced top player.

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