PvZ – The Crazy Archon!

By Chernobyl

I’m using this BO since I read this post:
I really dont know if this is an All-in, but the game usually finishes before 15 mins.

Important points:

  • At about the 11-12 minute mark, begin pushing with 5-6 Sentries, 3-4 Archons and about 18-21 Chargelots with +2 attack.
  • Exclude Metalopolis/Xel Naga/Shattered Temple! Its harder to FE on those maps.
  • The most important is not to lose to early agression. 🙂
  • You need to be aware of attacks, using halucinations. Droping blindly 4 cannons at your natural is a good choice.(I didn’t really scout after 3 minutes in any of the games I played, but I don’t recomend this :D)
  • Make probes up to 28-32 per base, use chronoboost.
  • The second most important is to KEEP YOUR PLAN!
  • Don’t delay the tech and you will be fine, the push is very strong.

Build Order:

  • Your favorite FE, I prefer FFE.
  • Take all gases ASAP (If you are not under atack).
  • Start +1 attack at ~05:00.
  • Start Twilight Council at ~07:00.
  • Start Charge and Templar Archives at ~09:00 (Dont worry, you will be fine if he attacks).
  • Start +2 attack at ~10:00 > Chronoboost!
  • 14 gates ready at ~11:00.

At this point you will have about 3-5 centries and 2-3 zeas.


  • Warp 4-6 archons.
  • Make pylons up to 150 supply, and start moving out and warping more zeas and move out when you want.
  • Don’t forget the proxy pylon!

Variations based on what zerg is doing:

  • Something + Muta > Make 10 stalkers on your base and 1-2 cannons per mineral line. A-move with archon+zea, and attack his base with stalkers if he takes the mutas back to defend.
  • Lots of Mutas > Stop making zealots and make stalkers. A-move to his base.
  • Roaches or Roaches+Hydras or Hydras > Make 2 more sentries. Zeas in the front and forcefield to mess up his micro!
  • SpeedLings/infestors/ultras/broodlord > A-move! Infestors will not have upgrades and broodlords will not be ready in time…
  • Something + Banelings or Banelings > Forcefield and split your army, then A-move!


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