UFO: Enemy Unknown, more Skyrim

Today I posted the rest of the Skyrim videos I had already uploaded to youtube. Most of them show my character killing a boss or completing a quest.

Skyrim: Azura’s Star

Skyrim: Hevnoraak

Skyrim: Otar the Mad

Skyrim: Centurion Master and Grimsever

Skyrim: Volsung

Skyrim: Warlord Gathrik

Skyrim: The Legend of Red Eagle

Also posted some UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM) gameplay. It’s not that fun to watch, but it’s nice to remember this classic strategy game. No matter how many times I beat the game, I still have to play it once or twice every year. If you have played it before, these videos will definitely make you want to play it once again.

UFO part 1

UFO part 2

UFO part 3

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