Doom II Cheat Codes

These are the original cheat codes for Doom II – Hell on Earth. that will work in any engine, including the old MS-DOS executable.

To make these work, just type the desired codes while in-game, during the levels. They should also work with Final Doom and Freedoom‘s phase 2.

Remember, the original cheat codes do not work on Nightmare difficulty.

Code – Effect:

  • iddqd – God Mode.
  • idkfa – All weapons and ammo plus keys.
  • idfa – All weapons and ammo.
  • idclip – Can walk through stuff.
  • idclev[Number] – Moves to level [Number]. [Number] goes from 1-32. Maps 31 and 32 are secret maps, based on Wolfeinstein 3D, and you CAN get to them from other levels, without cheating.
  • idbeholdi – Invisibility.
  • fhshh – Invisible until you attack the enemies.
  • idbeholdl – Light Amp Goggles.
  • idchoppers – Chainsaw.
  • idmypos – Shows position in code.
  • iddt – Entire map.
  • idbeholds – Berzerk.
  • idbeholda – Computer area map.
  • idmus[Number] – Choose BGM. [Number] is in XX format.
  • idbeholdr – Radiation Suit.
  • idbeholdv – Invulnerability.


The video down below also has the cheat codes, and they are being demonstrated and stuff:

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