Changing Region – StarCraft II

A lot of people have complained about not being able to change region in StarCraft II. Sending Blizzard a ticket and asking them to change your account’s region used to be the only way to play on another server. Now there are a few easier ways to do it. I’ll just mention the easiest one, since it’s very simple and reliable.

Open notepad and paste the following code:

<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_SG_REGION" hostname="sg"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enSG"/>
<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_US_REGION" hostname="us"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enUS"/>
<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_EU_REGION" hostname="eu"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enGB"/>
<region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_KR_REGION" hostname="kr"
allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="koKR"/>

Name the file: “regions.xml” (Not “regions.xml.txt”) and save it in your StarCraft II folder (the folder that contains your StarCraftII.exe – Usually Program Files/…)

IMPORTANT: A “Region” button will appear on the StarCraftII log in screen. However, it only appears on the first screen – the one where you’re asked to type in your email address. If your SCII is set to remember the account, and only ask you to type in your password, you have to click the arrow on the right side of the log in box to go back to the first screen. Wait a little bit and the button will pop up. Also, you might have to restart the game.

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Lost Viking Cheat Codes – SC2

These are the cheat codes for the Lost Viking mini-game – The arcade game you can play in the Cantina, during the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign.

During the game, you have to press [Enter], type the code in the console that appears, and press [Enter] again.

Code – Effect:

  • -score [number] – Adds [number] to the score.
  • -addlife – Adds an extra life.
  • -life – Adds 10 extra lives.
  • -pu – Spawn Power-up.
  • -levelclear – Skip level.
  • -bonus – Man ends.
  • -boss – Boss appears.
  • -behind – Enemies.
  • -mb – Change background.
  • -ss – Display “Boss Incoming” message.
  • -sine – sin(180), sin (90), sin(pi).
  • -end – Ending sequence.
  • -noquit – Hides the quit button.

If you know any code not listed above, please let us know!

If you were looking for Single-Player and Campaign cheat codes, you can find them here.

SC2 Cheat Codes

These are the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheat codes. To activate the code you must press ENTER, type the code, and press ENTER again. If you want to use the same code multiple times, you can just press ENTER, ‘=’, ENTER, after having used the code for a first time, of course.

Remember that they only work on single-player mode and, if you use them, you will not get any achievements.

Code – Result:

  • terribleterribledamage – God Mode
  • whorunbartertown – 5,000 Minerals & Vespene Gas
  • whysoserious – 5 Million Credits
  • spectraltiger – 5,000 Minerals
  • realmendrilldeep – 5,000 Gas
  • moredotsmoredots – Units do not Cost Resources
  • bunker55aliveinside – No supply caps
  • catfoodforprawnguns – Fast Build
  • imadoctornotaroachjim – Fast Heal
  • tyuhasleftthegame – Victory Conditions Disabled
  • jaynestown – Resources Granted
  • sosayweall – Disable Tech Requirements
  • overengineeredcodpiece – “Terran up the Night” Song
  • eyeofsauron – Cinematics Menu
  • iamironman – Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shield by One
  • hanshotfirst – Disable Ability Cooldown
  • cadeeasygoin – Lose Game
  • basestarsprimative – Fast Build
  • fsbcomunicacion – Faster Medics
  • mintmansoperator – Disable Food and PSI Requirements
  • nevergiveupneversurrender – Defeat Conditions Disabled
  • dzmhairspring – Show Mission Progress
  • tooktheredpill – Disable Fog War
  • qrotero – Time of Day
  • whatisbestinlife – Instant Win
  • letsjustbugoutandcalliteven – Instant Loss
  • lyingpect – Mission Graph Dialog
  • stayclassymarsara – UNN TV News
  • leaveyoursleep – All Missions
  • horadriccube – All research options
  • wapboinkers – Research Points

If you know another cheat code that is not included in this list, please send it to us!

There are also cheat codes for Lost Viking (the arcade game playable during the campaign). You can find them here.

Note: If one of these codes do not work, it was probably disabled in one of the newer patches.

Outmatched: 4 Very Hard AI – SC2 Achievement

Outmatched: 4 Very Hard AI – SC2 AchievementVideo that shows you how to beat 4 Very Hard AI on a 1 vs 4 Multiplayer Custom Game.

You should pick the map Megaton. Chose to be protoss. In this video, the opponents were two protoss and two terran.

Basically, it’s a cannon rush. But you can’t just enter the enemy base and build your pylon. In new patches, workers are smarter, and they will stop your rush. You must build the pylon at the bottom of the ramp. Try to place your buildings in the same place as shown in this video.

This replay was recorded on patch 1.4.3.

Insane Blitz – SC2 Achievement

Insane Blitz – SC2 AchievementEasy way to get this achievement. You have to beat an insane computer in less than 5 minutes. Both you and your opponent must be zerg.

-Go 6 pool.
-When the spawning pool is halfway done, send two drones to the enemy’s base.
-Build 2 spine crawlers behind his mineral line, in a way the drones won’t be able to surround them.

Once the spines are ready and start attacking the drones, the computer will GG.

Streamer: White-Ra

Name: Aleksey Krupnyk

ID: White-Ra

Team: Tt Esports

Race: Protoss

Stream: whitera

About: White-Ra is one of the most loved StarCraft II streamers. He is a professional Brood War and SCII player, very well known for his “Special Tactics”. He comments his games while streaming, giving players advice, explaining his strategies and showing his unique special tactics. His games are very fun to watch, even for non-protoss players.

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