Flash Games and Cheat Codes

Finally able to start posting again!

First, all StarCraft Brood War cheat codes were posted here.
(The StarCraft II ones are coming soon!)

Then, I decided to post some awesome Flash games:

These are not just random online games. These are games I played before and had a lot of fun with. You should give them a try, especially if you have nothing to do and need to kill time πŸ˜›

There are other cool online games I have in mind, like SAS: Zombie Assault. I’ll see if I can post them here later this week.

Youtube problem

I haven’t been able to upload videos in a while because of some Youtube problem. I tried everything they suggested, but wasn’t able to upload any videos to my account. It was really pissing me off, and I couldn’t get any help from support crew. Today, I was finally able to get around the problem, by using Free Youtube Uploader.

Apparently, some Youtube accounts have been experiencing this uploading error lately. If you’re trying to upload a video to youtube, but when you select the video nothing happens, here’s your solution: Free Youtube Uploader. At least for me, it was the only thing that actually worked. I tried changing web browser, changing machine, selecting different videos and many other things, which made no difference at all. If you’re experiencing this sort of trouble, download this free application and you’ll be able to upload again. It’s really easy to use and install.

Download link (on dvdvideosoft.com): Free Youtube Uploader

I just hope youtube fix this problem soon, anyway. Well, at least now, I’m able to post videos again. The first one is a troll game, by Zaidanator:

Trolling – Has left the game!

UFO: Enemy Unknown, more Skyrim

Today I posted the rest of the Skyrim videos I had already uploaded to youtube. Most of them show my character killing a boss or completing a quest.

Skyrim: Azura’s Star

Skyrim: Hevnoraak

Skyrim: Otar the Mad

Skyrim: Centurion Master and Grimsever

Skyrim: Volsung

Skyrim: Warlord Gathrik

Skyrim: The Legend of Red Eagle

Also posted some UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM) gameplay. It’s not that fun to watch, but it’s nice to remember this classic strategy game. No matter how many times I beat the game, I still have to play it once or twice every year. If you have played it before, these videos will definitely make you want to play it once again.

UFO part 1

UFO part 2

UFO part 3

StarCraft Masters done. Finally!

I’m done posting all StarCraft Master videos. Finally!

For some reason, the program I use to record the videos was making the game lag on the last challenge, which is the one that requires most micro. So, it took me so f***ing long to record that one!

Anyway, you’re going to find how to beat every challenge on the StarCraft Master section, or here, down below: